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CNS -Venturepharma (CNS-VP)

CNS-VP psychiatric & CNS research center (Asia Pacific), a subsidiary of Venturepharma, lead and focus on the drug development and clinical

research in the field of psychiatric & CNS. The center also leads the clinical

research and promotion in psychiatric & CNS area, provides therapeutic

schemes for psychiatric diseases, reduce the cost of treatment for patients. The center owns the most sizable world-class preclinical pharmacology,

toxicology research and evaluation center in Asia.

The professional platform:

Drug screening

Animal evaluation screening

Psychiatric & CNS drug clinical (Asia Pacific) institute

Intelligent drug delivery center

Psychiatric & CNS drug clinical research & marketing center

CNS-VP global scientist Fund: providing research fund & sponsorship for

scientists engaged in mental health and scientific research

CNS -VP Products on the market

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